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Letting Go Into the Bright Night

Letting go… …into the bright night of the Full Moon can be thrilling. Stepping out into the sunset to chase darkness up a path… Pulse and breath will quicken, eyes will glisten. And the Moon will rise, light as a feather, above the mountains, ocean, urban landscape, and float into the glorious sky. Let us […]

Great Mother Stormcloud

It’s been a challenging week over here and I’m still in the midst of processing everything that’s happened, humbled and grateful that after a very unfortunate incident, my family is safe and sound. We’re in the midst of clearing and grounding, and while I’m sure I’ll have more to say in the coming weeks, for […]

Going Back To Change The Future

  Tonight, the Moon will look Full as ever. . . The peak of the Lunar Cycle, a big brilliant blossoming, a potent reminder of the very nature of the cycle itself, and the value of repetition, just as we reach the peak, we know we’re going to go back to begin again. and again. and […]

“Homeself, Sacredself”

  Homeself, Sacredself   I would counsel you to be still To move away from everything for a time To wait quietly until you come home to yourself   There will be signs   Songs will be sung from your lips Your body will dance with you Your eyes will see magic Where you keep […]