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Into the Darkness We Go

Dark moon nights invite us to adventure into our own interior landscapes . . . Daring us to discover the unknown, unnamed, mystery within.   Asking us to be for a moment in the presence of our shadow self. We are challenged to reach out to our fears and move through them . . .   To dance our way powerfully into the […]

Agnes Cecile

Mourning the Loss of the Year

This devastatingly, heart-achingly beautiful song strikes a profound, resonant chord with me in this moment. In the Northern Hemisphere, as the darkness takes over and the light retreats, as winter weather arrives, as plants die off from cold or are harvested, as many animals find the same fate, we find ourselves in close communion with death. […]

"Rain" by kle-m

Great Mother Stormcloud

It’s been a challenging week over here and I’m still in the midst of processing everything that’s happened, humbled and grateful that after a very unfortunate incident, my family is safe and sound. We’re in the midst of clearing and grounding, and while I’m sure I’ll have more to say in the coming weeks, for […]

Woman Meditating by Sara Zimmerman

“Homeself, Sacredself”

  Homeself, Sacredself   I would counsel you to be still To move away from everything for a time To wait quietly until you come home to yourself   There will be signs   Songs will be sung from your lips Your body will dance with you Your eyes will see magic Where you keep […]