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Dancing into the Dark

  Equinox is upon us   The time has come   To savor the slanted rays of Autumn’s Sun To reap what we have sown To harvest abundance to carry us through the spare season To gather To celebrate To pull on our furry, wooly layers, and stave off the coming cold To sit in […]

Annular Eclipse!

Can you feel yourself descending inward? Pulling back towards the center of your self? If you’ve been resisting this transformation, now could be just the time to let go and allow yourself to reflect and release with the Dark Moon on Sunday before we begin anew with the waxing phase of the lunar cycle. This […]

Soul and Psyche Astrology: a Conversation with Cynthia Hill, Ph.D.

Today I’m going to share a conversation I had with a wonderful woman I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with occasionally over the past several years. Cynthia Hill, Ph.D. is a longtime psychotherapist and astrologer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. The combination of her soul-centered astrology and her psychological expertise is a dynamic […]

Midwinter Morning

This morning we climbed up the Northern hills of our valley to welcome back the Sun… We got to watch the sun peek over the ridge line into a clear blue sky, a welcome sight after weeks of haze and little sunshine. As the sky grew lighter, and the dawn’s rosy glow swept across the […]

Moontime is Rising

Why does the moon matter? Why does menstruation really matter? How does the way we perceive time influence our experience of each moment, and our conception of which moments matter? How are people individually and collectively influenced by the cycles of nature? How can we integrate this knowledge to grow as individuals, and come together […]