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“There Will Be Blood”

I was pleasantly surprised and cautiously optimistic when I caught sight of the cover of this week’s edition of Newsweek. I don’t read Newsweek regularly, but obviously this got my attention. It’s honestly a bit discombobulating, to see this kind of coverage. I’m elated to see menstruation and periods getting so much public attention, and so much positive attention of late. But there’s […]

Sustainable Cycles

Sustainable Cycles in SLC March 21st!

Our day of cycling festivities is enthusiastically supported by: Photo Collective Studios, The Bicycle Collective, Mamachari Kombucha, & Moontime Rising. Help us spread the word by passing on this info via your social networks! Who are Sustainable Cycles? Sustainable Cycles is a collective of “spokeswomen” who travel across the country by bicycle to lead workshops about […]