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Into the Darkness We Go

Dark moon nights invite us to adventure into our own interior landscapes, Daring us to discover the unknown, unnamed, mystery within. Asking us to be for a moment in the presence of our shadow self. We are challenged to reach out to our fears and move through them, To dance our way powerfully into the emergent evolution of our awakening selves. […]

Harvest Moon

How might you mark this first Full Moon after Equinox? The Harvest Moon . . . This turning reminds me to look around – in our garden, in our home, in my self, to see what I can harvest – to see what has come to its natural end. To see what is ready to […]

Dark Moon Musings

… Thick, heavy, inscrutable darkness, we embrace you. Pulling the inky black night into our flesh and blood and bones, Wrapping our arms around this red tender grief, we rock ourselves to sleep. Somehow, with complete trust that creation is brewing within, Our bodies quiver, collapse, and allow death to make way for new life. […]

Into the Flow We Go

For many years now, a beautiful collection of Women of the Wasatch (and beyond) have been coming together each month for a Full Moon Dance. I was invited for the first time a couple years ago, and lately I’ve been fortunate to be able to go each month, it’s always a beautiful gathering. Women take […]

The Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon The flame-red moon, the harvest moon, Rolls along the hills, gently bouncing, A vast balloon, Till it takes off, and sinks upward To lie on the bottom of the sky, like a gold doubloon.   The harvest moon has come, Booming softly through heaven, like a bassoon. And the earth replies all […]

Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse

The moon will be full and bright and beautiful tonight – rising just after sunset. The other side of the planet will soon be treated to a complete lunar eclipse! Powerful forces are at play! Today is an excellent time to bring a project to full flowering, to revel in a job well done, to […]

First Quarter Moon in Virgo

Today the moon will rise around noon and be high overhead at sunset, setting around midnight. The moon looks to be halfway from New to Full and we often refer to it as a Half Moon. So why call it First Quarter? The moon is one quarter of the way through its cycle, which begins […]