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Basking In A Sea Of Serenity

This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to unplug and retreat to a quiet wilderness. I entered into a cauldron of transformation and still find myself basking in a sea of serenity. As the Full Moon rises tonight, I’ll be thinking of all of you, and wishing you an evening of beauty and wonder. […]

Letting Go Into the Bright Night

Letting go… …into the bright night of the Full Moon can be thrilling. Stepping out into the sunset to chase darkness up a path… Pulse and breath will quicken, eyes will glisten. And the Moon will rise, light as a feather, above the mountains, ocean, urban landscape, and float into the glorious sky. Let us […]

Midsummer Love!

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve reached the point at which the Sun is the furthest North it will travel in our sky. After another day or so of apparent stillness (the word Solstice means still sun), and then we will observe it traveling further and further south until we reach Midwinter, and come back […]

Going Back To Change The Future

  Tonight, the Moon will look Full as ever. . . The peak of the Lunar Cycle, a big brilliant blossoming, a potent reminder of the very nature of the cycle itself, and the value of repetition, just as we reach the peak, we know we’re going to go back to begin again. and again. and […]

Harvest Moon

How might you mark this first Full Moon after Equinox? The Harvest Moon . . . This turning reminds me to look around – in our garden, in our home, in my self, to see what I can harvest – to see what has come to its natural end. To see what is ready to […]