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"Momentum" by Arnold Chao

Collective Momentum

Collective Momentum   When we come together to move as a collective we step into the cauldron of transformation.   We get to be our authentic selves, and have the freedom to revel in our relationships and our individuality.   We shed and heal and grow.     We strengthen our own essential selves along with […]

Harvest Season - Artist Unknown

All Things Move Into Harvest’s Sphere

The Wheel rolls more, and Autumn returns. Cooler the rain; the Sun lower burns. The coloring leaves presage the Year: all things move into harvest’s sphere. I vow to savor fruits first picked; nor into grief shall I be tricked. I vow to offer what once I spurred, and face the Turning reassured. – Celebrating […]

Moon Phases_1

First Quarter Moon in Virgo

Today the moon will rise around noon and be high overhead at sunset, setting around midnight. The moon looks to be halfway from New to Full and we often refer to it as a Half Moon. So why call it First Quarter? The moon is one quarter of the way through its cycle, which begins […]