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I take tremendous joy in celebrating the seasons of life and adore creating contemporary rituals that tap into ancestral, cosmic wisdom, in a way that is relevant and accessible to us in the modern day.

I look forward to entering into a safe and connected space with you, in which we’ll be reminded of the truths we already know, as well as encounter new ideas to incorporate into our own beautiful becoming.

Autumn Equinox 2014 Autumn Equinox Fire Ceremony | Image by Darryl Dobson

“Giuliana’s deep passion and breadth of knowledge about the cycles of the feminine is astounding. She is a natural ceremonialist, a maker of magic that is real and very needed in the modern world.”

– Kinde Nebeker, MA, Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide

“Giuliana is a talented, sincere, ritualist. Her drum sings and her voice reverberates with spirit. Her work is that of heart.”

– Stephanie, Workshop Participant

“Giuliana is one of those rare wise women that have flowered up from a different layer of time to share and remind us all of the inherent inherited ancient wisdom that sings in our bones.

Her passion and vibrancy for life is absolutely contagious and she has inspired me to develop a deeper relationship with my moon cycle and reconnect to the larger cycles of nature.

I look forward to seeing and experiencing her work as it grows and as she so generously continues to share her many gifts with us!”

– Lauren Stern, Feral Children of Architecture

“Giuliana is total bad ass. She intuitively brings forward whatever is needed in the moment to set the stage for the collective group work taking place, be that softness, humor, excitement, fierceness, firm direction, or rearranging the script at the last minute.

She obviously has found her passion and it is clear she takes great pleasure in her work which makes her really fun to work with and feels like she gets as much out of it as her clients which is it’s own kind of support!

It’s much easier to let someone help me when they are getting something too!”

– Zara Dawn, Mother Blessing Recipient