Moon Cycle Timepiece Bracelets

Much more than a bracelet…

A Moon Cycle Timepiece is a hands-on spiral calendar for lunar and fertility awareness.

Designed to reflect the flow of nature.

The spiral shape of the Timepiece coil is a physical expression of Earth’s temporal rhythm, evoking the waveform of resonance, the vibration of creation, and the natural dynamic direction of growth and movement of everything around and within us.

Daily practice with a Timepiece offers a simple, yet elegant way to stay grounded in our bodies and centered in the cycles of nature, so we can grow from a place of deep connection and authentic power.

Whether you want observe and relate to the Lunar Cycle, your own Menstrual Cycle, or both, a Moon Cycle Timepiece is designed to beautifully support you in reclaiming your sacred nature.

“Thank you for creating these! I love mine and I have never had an easier time tracking cycles, both my own, and those of nature! I have, of course, charted these rhythms on a calendar but there is something so elegant and intuitive about these Timepieces that really resonates with me on a deep level. I feel like these are a missing piece to everything I have been doing.”

- Evelyn

An empowering relationship with the interconnected cycles of life serves all of us, regardless of our gender, anatomy, sexuality, ability, beliefs, or where we happen to live – from the wilderness to the most urban environment.

  • Anyone, anywhere, can use a Timepiece to connect with the singular lunar cycle we all share.
  • For girls approaching menarche and women living with a menstrual flow, a Timepiece provides a compelling visual and tactile component to incorporate into any fertility awareness practice, and encourages a holistic view of our bodies and the cycles we naturally flow through.

“My Timepiece means the world to me. It is the perfect symbol that came at the perfect time.” – Allison

The large beads on the Timepiece Coil represent the days of a given cycle, and the moveable markers represent the moments in time we want to be aware of as we cycle through, such as the Full Moon, New Moon, Special Events, etc.

Beginning on one end of the spiral coil, we take a moment each day to move one single marker up one bead and recognize where we find ourselves on the current cycle. We continue this practice until we reach the onset of the next cycle, then we reset our markers and begin again.

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Moon Cycle Timepiece is an original design of Giuliana Serena © Moontime Rising

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