Giuliana Serena // Moontime Rising

I am Giuliana Serena, the creator of Moontime Rising, and I show up in service as a Ceremonialist, Rites-of-Passage Facilitator, & Menstrual Cycle Educator.

I’m also a partner, mother, sister, entrepreneur, designer, and planetary citizen who loves ritual and magic, Moontime and the Moon, Ecstatic Dance, storytelling, and supporting my local and global community to embrace and experience the power of the feminine.

I am confident that as we reclaim the power of our sacred cycles, that we will begin to embody our feminine experience and resonate with the deepest source of power and wisdom we could possibly encounter; our own inner knowing.

In 2005, I conceived of the Moon Cycle Timepiece, a timekeeping tool that anyone could use to connect with the vital forces of the moon, menstruation, and a spiral interpretation of time.

Since then, I’ve created a number of tangible tools to support us in reclaiming our sacred nature, which you can learn more about in my shop.

I offer one-on-one sessions and ceremonial facilitation to those in my local community and long-distance via phone and Skype.

I also host and co-host various seasonal celebrations and retreats, organize the Women’s Full Moon Dance, and host and produce The Beelovingly competitive (and occasionally curated) storytelling in Salt Lake City.

As I bring my work into the world, I hope to offer inspiration and resources for conversation and transformation.

May we continue to grow in our own vital rhythms, (re)connect with our earthly selves, and build sustainable communities through continued dialogue and action.


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