Have you ever wondered…

What is natural time?  What if the nature of time is a spiral?

Why does the moon matter? Why does menstruation really matter?

How does the way we perceive time influence our experience of each moment, and our conception of which moments matter?

How are people individually and collectively influenced by the cycles of nature? How can we integrate this knowledge to grow as individuals, and come together as a society?

These are some of the questions that fascinate me. In 2005, I conceived of the Moon Cycle Timepiece, a timekeeping tool that anyone could use to connect with the vital forces of the moon, menstruation, and a spiral interpretation of time.

As I bring my work into the world, I seek to offer a inspiration and resources for conversation and transformation.

May we continue to grow in our own vital rhythms, (re)connect with our earthly selves, and build sustainable communities through continued dialogue and action.

. . .

some of what i have to offer…

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