This kind of cosmic beauty is good for the soul


Image by NASA (Probably my very favorite lunar eclipse photo ever!) 

You likely have heard by now about the upcoming Super Blood Moon Eclipse coming up this weekend.

Perhaps you’ve read about what it ‘means,’ what astrological significance it may have, its energetic qualities. I can’t really speak to any of that. What I can say is, the power of witnessing an eclipse like this with your own eyes is profound. And worth making time for.

Seriously. If you live where it will be visible and haven’t already made plans for viewing the eclipse coming up Sunday night / Monday morning… DO IT! If you can’t watch it in person, streams eclipses and other cool astronomical events live – which is pretty awesome too.

Seeing the moon turn red always ties me back to ancient peoples, and feeling some sense of the wonder they must have felt at the very sight of such magnificence.

How would they would have interpreted such celestial events? How did it make them feel? What did it teach them? How can I experience the same sense of wonder and awe?

Seeing this mystery with our own eyes is a powerful message to send to the body. It says, fill yourself up with this sight, breathe it all in.

Breathe here on this earth with this body. See with your own eyes WHERE in space we are. With this moon and this sun and this seemingly infinite backdrop of stars.

And embody the great cosmic dance and the inner vibration that translates the rhythm of the universe.

Into this complex ecosystem of cells and flesh and blood and bones, and a brain with thoughts and a body of feelings and a little person looking up, waaaaay up to the sky…

Thinking, feeling, seeing, pausing, breathing, being.

With the moon, with the cosmos, within.

This particular trio of events (Full Moon, Total Eclipse, Perigee) isn’t too common.

Even if it were, it would still be worthy of note. It’s gorgeous.

And that kind of cosmic beauty is good for the soul.






Giuliana Serena

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