There are Spaces


There are places where we can be ourselves, completely.

There are ways to remember how much we love to be alive.

There are times in which we can slip effortlessly – into fluidity, motion, and bliss.

There are spaces in which to call our circles between the worlds;

Circles between the temporal and eternal, the sacred and profane.

Circles between the magical and the mundane.

Into these circles we can call in support; from the elements, the directions, that which is beyond, the ancients ones, our ancestors and those who come after, from our most essential, ethereal selves.

And into these places we can bring our shame, secrecy, loss, pain, suffering, and fear to be transformed.

And into these ways we can offer our commitment, forgiveness, strength, beauty, and presence to one another.

In these times we see one another as powerful, vulnerable, graceful, brave.

In these spaces we are witnessed in our perfect imperfection.

In these circles we are generous and receptive.

And we make our circle whole.

When we gather, we are co-creators, generators, interweavers all.

Into these spaces we invite our bodies to take the lead, to initiate the motions that will integrate our newfound awareness into the dance of our lives.

Into these places we invite our wild and untamed selves, our inner selves, to come out and play.

And in the end, when we drift into the dark night, we do so with openness, with a keener awareness of our own inner compass, with a more clear connection to our wisdom within, with a gift to bring back into the world with us.

From these circles we take away a blossoming of acceptance, empowerment, and luscious presence.

We take away ourselves.




Words | Giuliana Serena, a reflection of “Celebration of Life + Womb Rites” Women’s Full Moon Dance, May 2nd 2015

Art | “Blossoming” by Giuliana Serena (from the collective altar mandala we created during our closing circle)



Giuliana Serena

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