The Value of Sharing Circles

Sharing Circle

At the ongoing Movie Nights that I host at  Vitalize Community Studio, we conclude each evening with a sharing circle, in which everyone has the opportunity to practice the art of giving and receiving, to speak and be heard, to share honestly and to be witnessed authentically, and especially to be held in sacred space.

These circles bind us together in community and make us feel more whole and alive…. and I love each and every one.

These sacred community connections are of fundamental importance to our human experience… yet so many of us either don’t have the opportunity or are frightened by the prospect of being vulnerable, or saying the wrong thing, or sounding foolish or some such thing.

To those who haven’t yet found such events taking place in your community: How might you begin to reach out and explore what’s out there? If you search and find nothing, how might you create opportunities to see and be seen, to hear and be heard? To enter into awareness with others? To create sacred community space?

To those of you who are frightened or turned off by such a gathering: Even if it’s challenging, I implore you to give it a chance. You already have? Try again! As you discover other beautiful people around you – and certainly they’re out there – you may find that it’s something you enjoy after all. You may even discover that in stretching beyond your comfort zone you create healing for yourself – and make it possible for you to grow your community.

To those of you who are participating in such circles, whether regularly or occasionally: I thank you for your participation! You are making a difference for yourself and others and weaving the web of life. The fact that you show up at all is a true blessing to those around you – no matter what you have to say or share.

To those of you who are organizing and holding space for such circles: I honor and admire you and hold you in love. This is a great and powerful work you are contributing to our collective. It takes a great deal of energy and enthusiasm… and hopefully you are finding it’s worth every ounce of effort.

May we all find ways of stepping out into the light – of stepping into circles and being brave enough to be vulnerable, bold enough to speak our truth, humble enough to listen authentically, and willing enough to engage powerfully in this mystical process of becoming conscious. Together.

Art | “Movie Night Sharing Circle” by Jenny Mauro

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