“Homeself, Sacredself”


Homeself, Sacredself


I would counsel you to be still

To move away from everything for a time

To wait quietly until you come home to yourself


There will be signs


Songs will be sung from your lips

Your body will dance with you

Your eyes will see magic

Where you keep the fresh flower

Where you burn the candle

Also where you cry and where you bleed


There will be signs


The magic of your homeself, your sacredself

Will take you to the sky

Luna will welcome your flight

With silver embraces

Comets will be your lovers


Trails of stars will carry you inward

Until, at your core, a cataclysm will burst

In celebration of your homecoming

To the magic of your soul


- Ila Suzanne Gray 1986, as published in We’Moon 1993


Art | “Woman Meditating” by Sara Zimmerman

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