Collective Momentum

Collective Momentum


When we come together to move as a collective

we step into the cauldron of transformation.


We get to be our authentic selves, and have the freedom

to revel in our relationships and our individuality.


We shed and heal and grow.  


We strengthen our own essential selves

along with the essential bonds of community.


We are love personified.


We are reminded that we are the ones moving

and the momentum that sets us in motion.


And as the rhythm pulses on and on, we remember

that we are the dancers and we are the dance itself.



Art | “Momentum” by Arnold Chao

Giuliana SerenaGiuliana Serena is a Moon + Moontime Lover + Menstrual Cycle Advocate + Celebrant + Facilitator + Planetary Citizen + Creator of Moontime Rising … stay connected by signing up for her moon letters & joining her on facebook!

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