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  • Protester at NYC Rally by Dave Bledsoe

    If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention

    As the Long Night Full Moon arrives tonight, with Midwinter fast approaching, I wanted to write to you about gifts and blessings. About the gorgeous Moon Cycle Timepieces and Moontime Adornment I’ve created as a gift to the awakening women of the world, to help us to develop meaningful, sacred relationships with the cycles of […]

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  • Some Days Call for Fire

    Some Days Call for Fire

      Some days call for fire. Some days fire calls for me. When I yearn for the sweet release that flames bring. I put my sorrows in the kindling, and stack them up with care. I ask the Spirit of the fire to help me to let go. I offer up my blessings. Let them […]

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  • Mother_and_Son_Khalil_Ibrahim_1968Batik

    Familiarizing Our Sons with Menstruation

    As mothers and mentors to the men (and women and people) of tomorrow, how can we share important information about, and communicate our deep reverence for, the sacred nature of the cycles of life without overwhelming or weirding them out? We all learn from observation and experience. I am grateful to have come to experience […]

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After experiencing Giuliana’s Moontime Magic series, the world looks and feels more beautiful and alive! I feel a greater sense of empowerment, support and more rooted in my beliefs.

I am so inspired and am truly happier and more comfortable with ME – in turn, making me more comfortable with others!

I’m so grateful I stepped out of my comfort zone and pursued something I knew I needed deep down.

Giuliana is one of those rare wise women that have flowered up from a different layer of time to share and remind us all of the inherent inherited ancient wisdom that sings in our bones.

Her Moon Cycle Timepieces are not only beautiful works of art but are also great re-memberers which have inspired me to develop a deeper relationship with my mooncycle and reconnect to the larger cycles of nature.

When we sit together, I can feel her commitment and all the effort and intention that has gone into birthing this creation. Giuliana’s passion and vibrancy for life is absolutely contagious. I look forward to seeing and experiencing her work as it grows and as she so generously continues to share her many gifts with us!

Giuliana’s deep passion and breadth of knowledge about the cycles of the feminine is astounding. She is a natural ceremonialist, a maker of magic that is real and very needed in the modern world.