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  • “How Would My Life Have Been Different?” My Red Tent Summit Video

    It has been both an honor and a pleasure to participate in the just completed 2014 Red Tent Summit hosted by DeAnna L’am of Red Tents in Every Neighborhood. Over the course of the month of February, 30 women, myself included, shared our heartfelt stories and gifts with thousands of women from around the world! […]

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  • Period Humor and the Myth of Pain as Prerequisite

    If this is how you’re feeling when you’re bleeding then something has GOT to change. Pain and suffering around your period is NOT a prerequisite. I find much of the “humor” floating around about pms and periods to be double sided. On the one hand, humor can be a great way to open up dialogue […]

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  • “Shall I Drive You To The Red Tent?” Guest Post by DeAnna L’am

    How would the world be different if girls growing up today had a Red Tent to go to, in their own neighborhood? Many of us would love to see a Red Tent where our daughters, stepdaughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, or any cherished girl in our life — could regularly find a haven. “Yes, but who […]

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