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  • “This kinda makes me wish I had a period”

    I got such a great message along with an order in my shop the other day, “I’m so happy to be passing on one of your amazing creations to my love. Maybe you’ve heard this from a guy before but this kinda makes me wish I had a period. That’s a feeling I can honestly say I’ve never […]

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  • “Calling Down the Power”

    Calling Down the Power of the moon the night the dakini who dance creation to chaos the gopi who dance the universe into being mother earth her dance among the stars I am she says power of volcano and beast and storm and love and land lightning, lamp, bubble, cloud and girl and woman and […]

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  • Inception

    The turning is coming… Beltane, the crossroads between Equinox and Solstice is only moments away…. A time to plant our wild dream seeds into the Earth. A time when soil warms and swells with springtime rains. When conditions are just right for inception, expansion, sprouting, rooting, and eventually emergence. Under the light of the Sun […]

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