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  • Planting My Tree of Life: A Story of Completion

    Several weeks ago Kristen Roderick, who you may know from her phenomenal Facebook page, The spirit that moves me, invited me to contribute a guest post on her beautiful new blog for a series entitled “Liminal Spaces: Women’s Stories of Transition.” Today, I am honored to share my own tender, personal story of transition with you, which I’m calling “Planting My […]

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  • Into the Darkness We Go

    Dark moon nights invite us to adventure into our own interior landscapes . . . Daring us to discover the unknown, unnamed, mystery within.   Asking us to be for a moment in the presence of our shadow self. We are challenged to reach out to our fears and move through them . . .   To dance our way powerfully into the […]

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  • “This kinda makes me wish I had a period”

    I got such a great message along with an order in my shop the other day, “I’m so happy to be passing on one of your amazing creations to my love. Maybe you’ve heard this from a guy before but this kinda makes me wish I had a period. That’s a feeling I can honestly say I’ve never […]

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